The Searoutes web services APIs allow you to programmatically access tools and services from the Searoutes ecosystem. You can use these APIs to retrieve informations about vessel positions, vessel routes, GHG emissions, weather and other core data points. Searoutes services are divided in five categories:

  • Our Co2 service calculates the CO2e emissions of a container on several modes of transport SEA, AIR, RAIL and ROAD.
  • Our Route service allows you to plan voyages of vessels, get distances and travel times between ports or points, on land or sea.
  • Our Tender service provides statistics for different values based on the itineraries operated for freight transport.
  • Our Itinerary service searches itineraries operated for freight transport.
  • Our Search service searches entities used in other endpoints such as carriers or services.
  • Our Vessel service gives you up to date positions of vessels and estimated travel times to their next destination.
  • Our Weather service lets you explore weather data points in the past or the future, at a location or on a route.
  • Our Location service finds closes point of interests, like ports or airports, and provides you with their geolocations.

Note that this is the documentation page for most recent stable version of Searoutes API. For the previous stable versions, visit this documentation page.