This endpoint returns CO2e emissions (i.e CO2 equivalent emissions) for a given shipment. Shipment allows you to define multiple routes with multiple containers and gather individual CO2e information per route as well as total CO2e information per shipment.

Shipment consist of required properties (type, containers, legs) and optional property (metadata).

Supported type value is only CONTAINER right now.

You can define list of containers that belong to your shipment. Each container must have at least one of the following properties: quantity (number of containers), weight (weight of containers) and sizeTypeCode. SizeTypeCode defines size and type of your container. The supported values and their meanings are: 20GP or 22G1 (20ft, General purpose (Standard)), 40GP or 42G1 (40ft, General purpose (Standard)), and 40HC or 45G1 (40ft High cube, General Purpose).

Legs is list of routes that belongs to your shipment. Maximum number of legs is 10. Each leg has an information about where it starts (from) and where it ends (to). These properties can be either exact coordinates or text. If you provide text we use our geocoding service to figured its coordinates. You are allowed to specify one of two modes that we currently support. It is either road or sea. If you define road you can specify fuel inside of provided asset object. By defining sea you can use identifier (IMO of vessel) in asset object to get more accurate CO2e values.

Each leg can have metadata property. You can add any information you want to metadata object and it will be returned to you with response. Data from metadata does not influence how we calculate CO2e.

In the response, you obtain parameters object which consist of containers and type you specified in your request. Co2e property stands for CO2e of entire shipment. You can also find co2e property in each leg. Leg also has properties which shows you data that were used to compute co2e for a particular leg. Parameters property inside of a leg holds asset object which was used in the request. From and to are always objects (in response) with coordinates and locode (if exists).

You can set an optional query parameter generateCertificate to true. This will add certificateUrl to reponse where you can download certificate for your shipment in pdf format.

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