This endpoint returns CO2e emissions (i.e CO2 equivalent emissions) in grams (g) for a direct flight between a source airport (origin) and a target airport (destination)

Origin and destination

You can pass either a Locode (fromLocode, toLocode), coordinates (fromCoordinates, toCoordinates) or a IATA airport code (fromIata, toIata) to specify the origin and the destination.
You can use the parameter distance (in meters) to pass your own distance (the origin and destination remain mandatory because the co2 computation is region dependent).

Aircraft and methodology

You can either pass an aircraft IATA code to get the CO2 emissions of this specific aircraft or only the aircraft type. In case the IATA code is given, the emissions are calculated using EEA/EMEP methodology and EUROCONTROL data. They take into account take-off, landing, climbing, descent and cruising phases. In case the aircraft IATA is not given, we use the GLEC emission factors based on the length (short, medium, long haul) of the flight and the aircraft type (passenger, cargo or unknown).


You can pass the weight of the goods carried (in kg). The default weight is 1000 kg (1 metric ton)


The response contains total CO2e WTW emissions and detailed emissions (in grams) : CO2e WTT (well-to-tank) emissions and CO2e TTW (tank-to-wheels) for the amount of goods carried.

The response also contains the intensify factor (kg of CO2e per ton.kilometer) which is calculated based on the CO2e WTW emissions, the distance and the weight passed.

The response contains the parameters passed in the request and the used values of the parameters if they were not passed.

The properties field contains useful information about the data that was used for the calculation. For example the name, and model of the aircraft, the distance, etc. The property dataType precise if the data used to calculate the CO2 emissions is default data (representative of average operating practices) or modeled data (taking into account vehicle information).

Methodology references

The method uses CO2e emission factors from fuel consumption and distance calculation in accordance with EN 16258.

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