This endpoint returns the locations that match a partial string passed as query parameter (query) or matches exactly a specific field (locode, iataCode or postalCode). Only one of these fields must be used in a request.
Locations returned can be either airport, port, zipcode, railTerminal or roadTerminal.

The query parameter locationTypes allows to filter the types returned. A list of values can be passed among port,airport,zipcode,railTerminal, roadTerminal.
If this parameter is not passed in the query, all the types will be searched.

The query parameter sizes allows to filter the sizes of the locations returned for ports and airports.

The results are returned with this priority order : port > airport > railTerminal > zipcode > roadTerminal.

For each location, geometry (coordinates) is returned as well as properties fields. These fields differ according to the type of the location.

For airports : name, locode, size, iataCode, countryName, countryCode (as a two letters code).

For zipcodes : name, country, countryName, postalCode, stateCode, stateName, countyCode, countyName.

For ports : name, locode, size, countrycountryName, subdivisionCode, subdivisionName.

For ports, rail terminals and road terminals : name, locode, countrycountryName, subdivisionCode, subdivisionName.

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