Get historical, real or forecasted weather information at a given location.

In the response, we return the closest point, on a 0.5 degree grid, at which our models computed weather information (wind, waves, current, etc.). Likewise, we find the closest timestamp to your requested timestamp for which we have data. For instance, when requesting weather information at the point {"latitude": 17.152, "longitude": -80.564, "timestamp": 1548388800000}, we return data for our closest point {"latitude": 17, "longitude": -80.5, "timestamp": 1548385200000}.

All values are expressed in the standard SI units (temperatures in Celcius degrees, humidity, cloud coverage and ice coverage in percentages, pressure in hectopascals, precipitation in millimeters, times in seconds, distances in meters, speeds in meters per second, salinity in PSU).

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