🚄 Rail transport

🧭 Methodology

Our rail emission methodology currently supports :

  • Europe with diesel type ELEC or DIESEL; if the fuel type is unknown, you can use the DEFAULT fuel type which is a mean average of ELEC and DIESEL following the GLEC recommendations.
  • North America with diesel type DIESEL.

In both cases, we use the GLEC recommended emission factors.

We use network distances (based on OpenRail Map) in conjunctions with our geocoder to compute point to point emissions. A sample query below :point-down:

curl --request GET 'https://api.searoutes.com/co2/v2/direct/rail?fromLocode=FRMRS&toLocode=FRPAR' \
--header 'x-api-key: <your_api_key_here>'
    "co2e": {
        "total": 13362,
        "wtt": 1572,
        "ttw": 11790
    "parameters": {
        "mode": "RAIL",
        "from": {
            "locode": "FRMRS",
            "coordinates": null
        "to": {
            "locode": "FRPAR",
            "coordinates": null
        "weight": 1000.0,
        "fuel": "DEFAULT"
    "properties": {
        "dataType": "DEFAULT",
        "distance": 785989,
        "region": "Europe"