# CO2

CO2e : CO2 equivalent, a unit to measure the emissions of any gas as its impact on global warming in 100 years compared to CO2. For example, releasing 1kg of methane will have the same impact on global warming in 100 years as releasing 25kg of CO2 so 1kg CH4 = 25kg CO2e.

GLEC Framework : Global Logistics Emissions Council, group of companies and associations working on CO2 emissions caused by logistics. They developed (and update) a CO2 calculation method for logistics for road, rail, air, barge, sea called the GLEC Framework.

Intensity factors (or Emissions Factors) : Emissions on a given scope (period or time, mode, shipment, etc) expressed in emissions per tonne-kilometer (total emissions divided by the number of tonnes shipped and the number of kilometers travelled).

SFC : Smart Freight Centre, a non-profit organization, leader of the GLEC.

TTW : Tank to wheel, direct emissions, emissions of the movement of the vehicle.

WTT : Well to tank, indirect emissions, emissions caused by the production, processing and delivery of the fuel or energy used.

WTW : Well to wheel, all emissions, WTT + TTW.


CO2 of itinerary : Statistics of CO2 of the itinerary as the sum of the statistics of CO2 emissions of all the vessels that operate each of the services of the itinerary.

Itinerary : A combination of services with the transshipments ports.

Service, line : List of ports regularly operated in the same order by a carrier.

Tradelane : From region to region operated by a carrier e.g Europe - Asia