Cycle 5 updates, Q4 2022

👋 Hey there, you've found our product update page, welcome!

Our previous release introduced a new API in the Searoutes product family: the shipment API. Faithful to its name, our shipment API is designed to compute the CO2e emissions of a container or a parcel, all throughout its freight journey, from pick up to delivery.

Unlike our CO2 direct endpoints, the shipment API is designed to be forgiving. Its contract is made so that users can enter locations as coordinates, (un)locodes or strings and shipment legs with parameter sets that are incomplete.

:mega: This release, we've worked to mature the shipment API. It is now your single point of entry for all CO2 emission calculations :dart:.

✨ New & Improved.

Shipment & CO2 APIs.

  • We now supports all modes of transport. We added air :airplane:, rail :bullettrain-front: and barge :ship:.
  • For simplicity, users can now specify container types with ISO container codes. This will make your connection to your Transport Management System, or Visibility provider, simpler!
  • The API supports both parcels / less than container loads (LCL) or containers / full container loads (FCL). Up to you to specify the configuration of your shipment order.
  • We've extended our coverage of container types, with the addition of reefer containers :snowflake:.


  • Our webapp got a fresh update of algorithms, for you to find your favorite freight schedules :calendar:, and differentiate them on the basis of lead times :clock1:, or CO2 emissions 🌱.



Our methodology first computes CO2 emissions of vessels, and aggregates values back at the service level, including the vessels of alliances schedules on that particular service. Don't hesitate to shoot us an email at [email protected] if you want a demo, or have questions.

🛠 Fixes & Updates.

  • Following updates on our shipment API, all of the /co2/v2/direct endpoints now accept geocoordinates and container ISO types.
  • We added activity details, in tons per km, to our GHG emission certificates.
  • Our caching mechanics on got a couple of fixes and improvements.

👀 Preview of next Cycle

  • Next cycle will see the introduction of several additional parameters on our CO2 APIs, including truckSize and SCAC codes. This means that our CO2 models will explicitly be made available to you on a per transporter basis, for Ocean and Road (North America) freight.
  • We'll release a major update of our Road freight models that will allow users to adjust empty running and load factors. This improvement will allow us to handle milkruns properly, and pretend to a "model" accreditation from Smart Freight Center for road CO2 emissions.
  • Finally, next cycle should see major improvements on the user management front, and your ability to try our APIs faster.